How do I get access to the associated playlist for my selected candle(s)?

The Spotify and Apple Music playlist codes will be included in your order. Additionally, you can follow Noire Glow on Spotify and Apple Music where all the playlists are available.

What if I use another streaming service?

Please send an email to hello@noire-glow.com after placing your order and a list of the songs in the  playlist will be included in your order so that you can build it on your preferred streaming platform.

How do I use the QR code in Spotify?

In Spotify, click on the Search button and then click the camera image on the right hand side to scan the QR code. You can also search for Noire Glow to find the associated playlist.

How do I use the QR code for Apple Music?

Use your camera to scan the QR code and click the link to be directed to the playlist within Apple Music.


What materials are used to make the candles?

The candles are made with natural coconut soy wax blend and high quality fragrance oils.

What can I expect when burning a handmade candle?

Noire Glow candles are made with natural ingredients, which can cause slight but normal blemishes after the first burn, such as a bumpy surface, discolouration and possible sooting. Please note that delicate care was taken to minimize this activity. This does not take away from the quality of the candle and it is not considered a defect.

Should I follow you on social media?

Of course! We love to connect with our customers.

Twitter: @noireglow

Instagram: @noireglow

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamnoireglow