Our Story

Noire Glow Creator

It was late November 2020.

It was a typical Saturday evening for me - a glass of white wine, a richly scented candle glowing and Musiq Soulchild playing in the background. As I two stepped around my living room, I thought about the aroma tickling my senses and queued up songs that felt necessary for that space in time.

From there, Noire Glow was born.

Noire Glow was created to enhance the candle experience with the perfect partner - music. Each uniquely scented candle comes complete with a curated playlist to meet the mood it's sure to evoke. Noire Glow was also created to be a continual reminder to myself and others that nothing or no one has the power to diminish our light. In the darkest of moments, individually and collectively, we will continue to amplify our glow throughout the world.

Outside of my deep passion for candles and music, I live to travel and see the world, my unique combination of words have been published in books and my love for journals run deep.

I take great pleasure in sharing Noire Glow with you and I hope you allow it to enhance the light (and melody) in your life.