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Noire Glow

Tealight 6 Pack

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There’s no better introduction to Noire Glow than our Tealight Pack.

While small in price, it's not small in scent - providing you with 6 scented tealights to complement our Playlist Collective collection.

Tealight container is made of non-toxic, recyclable Polycarbonate, which is safe for the environment. The clear container provides a beautiful experience and each tealight burns for up to 4 hours.

Scents include: 

Waiting In Vain  - A perfect blend of fresh ginger, passion fruit, ripe pineapple with an invigorating ocean undertone.

Say Yes - A sultry concoction that has a Pino Grigio base with notes of Sonoma air and wood barrel.

Let It Flow - A rain infused aroma that includes top notes of blackberry, pear and lemon with vanilla and caramel at the base.

Fire We Make - An intoxicating blend of green tea leaf, plumeria blossoms, ripe melon, acacia and jasmine with bottom notes of patchouli and sandalwood.